• The Six

    Original additional music for the documentary feature The Six!

  • Political Drama

    My album Political Drama (GUM Tapes / Universal) is released!

  • Momentum

    The sheet music of Momentum is now available at L'octanphare!

  • Tribal Energy

    Release of the album Tribal Energy (Superpitch Drama / BMG)!

  • Chronicles

    My personal album Chronicles has been released on the 23rd October 2019!

  • Orange

    Sync in the last TV and web campaign of Orange

  • Tales Of Destiny

    Tales Of Destiny, performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra

  • Garden Party

    Garden Party, extract from my last album GUM Tapes / Universal

  • Ewilan

    Soundtrack from Ewilan

  • Transavia

    Fear and Devotion in the last commercial of Transavia

  • A World of Nature

    A World Of Nature, performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra

  • Amazon Prime Vidéo

    Everyday Delights in the last commercial of Amazon Prime Vidéo

  • Score Flux et Reflux

    Score of Flux et Reflux available at Editions L'octanphare

  • Dogs and Cats

    Dogs and Cats extract from my new album for GUM Tapes / Universal

  • Enhanced concert

    Enhanced concert on the 6th April, 2018 at 8:30 PM

  • BalloonDating

    Original soundtrack from Balloon Dating directed by Cyrille Drevon

  • A Journey to Heaven

    Digital release of A Journey to Heaven on December 19, 2017

  • League Of Legends

    Three epic songs broadcasted during the League of Legends World Championship

  • Editions de l'Octanphare

    Monument Valley and Qinah is now published by Editions de l'Octanphare

  • Sídhe

    Sídhe for C trumpet and organ, with Pierre Badel

  • Damien Deshayes, Compositeur, (c) Pee Ash


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